Friday, August 14, 2009


One of my customers little one took home the award for Best Overall Casual Outfit at a recent pagent. I am so excited to share some pictures of her little sweetie in the onesie/tutu combo. Be sure to check out the boots - They are adorable. We used the boots as inspiration when designing this outfit.

Halloween .. Already?

I had an order come in this week for a Halloween Tutu. It caught me off guard. Is it time for Halloween already? After thinking about it for half a second I realized this year has really flown by and Yes - it is time for Halloween already. Hum.. wonder what my monkeys are going to be this year?

So I guess I need to get my Halloween work hat on and start in on tutus for Costumes. Last year I did lots of Fairies, Ladybugs, Bees, and Princess ones. This year my very first order was for a Black cat costume. It was fun to make :)

So I guess I need to let my customers know it is time to start getting those orders in. My September is looking really busy. I have 3 shows scheduled with the possibility of a 4th in the works.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day today

Monday, July 20, 2009

Sharing Chris's Birthday Shirt!

I had a little fun with my youngest this weekend as he helped me create his very own birthday shirt. He decided what he wanted and then placed them on the shirt. I was very proud that his material kept the same color scheme. And boy you should have seen his face when it was all done. He was so proud! Right now it is hanging on a hanger just waiting on Thursday to get here.

Friday, July 10, 2009

New Looks for my Monkeys!

It's Haircut time again! Just thought I would share a few pics:)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Baby Gift for Sweet Little Baby Ella Grace

We are so excited here (and can't wait to see some pictures - *hint**hint*) about sweet Little Ella Grace. She is the daughter of a sweet couple we know and her mother holds a very special place in our hearts. The kids and I wanted to do something special so these are the baby gifts we came up with.

Each child got a say so in the colors and ribbons. Of course if I had left it up to Chris it would have had frogs on it also :)

I think they turned out super cute and I hope her Mommy and Daddy get lots of use out of them.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

And off she goes... again

I jut put my oldest on the van and waved her off to Junaluska. She was so excited and though she spent all weekend telling me she didn't want to go once she was on the van she shoo'd me off. I think she will have so much fun and I can't wait to hear all about it. She will be going white water rafting for the very first time and I can just picture her face this first time seh puts her foot in that water :)

I miss her already. She just got back from girl scout camp on Friday. Next year I am going to have to plan this a little better. Of course it depends on what she decides to do. So far she has mentioned Cardiac Kids Camp, lake Stephens, Girl Scout Camp, Band camp, and Junaluska.. She only gets to pick 2 so we will see which she goes with.

I already know that my oldest son will be going to Lake Stephen's next year. This year he has hung out here with me all summer and is bored!

The little guy has kept us busy so far this summer.. with summer school and Camp Hollywood (a local day camp for dev. delayed children that is done by our Jr. Aux.) This week we have nothing and that is sounding pretty good to me. Next week is VBS so I am going to enjoy this brief break I have.

The week after VBS is Chris's Birthday so we have that to look forward too.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Feeling Blue Today!

This weekends show was off by about half! I am having a blue moment today as I try to figure out how to pay the bills. The big bill is due today and I am short by about 6oo so pray that I sell alot today, or maybe have some boutique orders come in.

I will be listing some new Infant size bibs in my store this morning (after I drop my babies off). As well as some Ready to ship tutus and Tutu dresses.

I am proud of my girl today as she starts with Mission Corinth. Each day this week she will join a team of people who will go out into the community and help someone in need. I think this is such a valuble life lesson for her and am so proud that she is participating. My prayer for her is that she is able to make it through the day. Of course if she starts feeling sick then I will go pick her up.

I guess that is it. Got 2 monkeys up and off to get the 3rd on moving..

Monday, May 18, 2009

Count- Down Week

School is out! School is out!

Well not yet.. but we do have a count-down going. I have 2 monkeys that are so excited that Thursday is the last day and then 1 little monkey that is very sad because she loves school!

But in celebration of school being out I am having a Count Down Sale in my etsy store for the last few days of school:

Monday - Free shipping day

Tuesday - Tutu Tuesday was such a hit last week that I am bringing it back. Get Free Shipping on all tutus and tutu dresses.


  • Free shipping is for US residents only. All international orders will be offered half price shipping. This has already been changed on all Tutu Tuesday lisitngs.

  • Items must be purchased today (5/19/09) as well as paid for today to receive the Free shipping Promo.

  • If you purchase from a tutu listing in my store that does not have "Tutu Tuesday" in the Title please email me your paypal adress and I will send you a corrected invoice.

Wednesday - Girls Day - All "girl" items are 15% off today - You will need to email me your paypal address so I can adjust your invoice before you pay.

Thursday - Boys Day - All "boy" items are 15% off today - you will need to email me your paypal address so I can adjust your invoice before you pay.

Friday - first day of summer vacation - So we are having Beach Day - All "beach" Themed items are $15% off. This will be adjusted on each listing.

I plan on having some new tutus listed for Tutu Tuesday, some hairbows listed for Girls Day and some cute necktie onesies and t-shirts listed for Boys Day so make sure to check them out.

I hope everyone enjoys this week as much as me!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Booth Pics from Auburn CityFest

Thought Iwould share some booth Pictures from a show I did with fellow Etsian seamscharming. We had a great time :)
You can find my items at and you can find Ellen's items at

Friday, May 1, 2009

Have you ever...

Ok so I had to walk away from the emb. machine .. again! I think like my kidos it has decided not to work - LOL! Best I can figure it does not like the new thread I bought and just makes a big old mess :)

I am going to dig out the nearest color match in the old thread and see if that fixes my problem..

I am trying to finish up 2 orders today and am just not having any luck!

So what are everyones plans for the weekend? I was hoping to finish these orders up this morning so I could have the afternoon to sew for my babies! Chris really needs some new pants and shorts and Lou a dress or skirt - maybe even both!

Alright I am going to give it another try maybe this time it will behave :) I will post pictures when I finish.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Custom Order for my sweet baby Cousin

There is nothing like a sweet new baby to inspire you to sew for awhile. I made this cute bag for my Cousin. The pattern sews up cute but as always I have some ideas to change it just alittle the next time I sew it out. I LOVE this Material it is one of My Favorites (as well as Lou's). And the neat thing is that it matches Karsyn's nursery! I love the color combo so much I might just sew another up right now :)
I wanted to give a huge THANK YOU to all my Yahoo Friends who were so sweet to merge this name for me! Thank you so much! It sure did say me alot of time and heartache.
I hope everyone has a great day today - I have half a day to work so I am planning on tackling some Easter baskets - but knowing me I will end up making Hairbows - you just never know :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tutu Crazy!

It has been tutu crazy around here as everyone is ordering theirs for upcoming easter pictures. I still have a few to go today and then I will be working on some custom orders.

I am looking forward to making some chocolate bunny bibs as well as some boutique Easter Baskets. I made a sample one and loved the way it turned out.

As it gets warmer outside I look forward to pulling out some cute spring themed materials and ribbons.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It is Snowing - But School is not out!

Poor babies - how sad is it that you have to "watch" the snow while you are at school.

But while they are at school I am going to work on finishing up my orders. This week I am finishing up a wholesale order of tutus (I am sharing some pictures with you), and well as several tutu dresses from ebay and etsy.

Bow Share

I wanted to share a custom bow I did for a friend this week. She made this super cute outfit for her daugther and I got to make the bow to match.
You can find the outfit listed on etsy @
and the bow will be listed @

Thursday, January 22, 2009

What I have scheduled for today...

I have spent this morning reading the "make -it-up- as- you- go quilt blog. I think I am going to jump in next week. So watch for post about my pogress.

Today I am working on some custom etsy and ebay orders.

I am hoping to finish up a couple of pairs of bloomers for a super sweet etsy customer. I have stitched out a few samples for her to look at.

I also had a Custom order come is this morning for 2 tutu dresses so I am ready to start matching the tulle up to the color blocks I was sent.

I also will be making a pink and white tutu dress today as well as working on several tutus.

This weekend I will be at the Southaven Flea Market. I am so excited I love getting to see my friends. Many of them are like Family.

Alright I am off to work.. (and to watch last nights CSI) I will post some pictures late of my progress.