Monday, August 12, 2013

Pinterest Craft- TNT Minecraft Cake/Party

So.. My Little Guy had a birthday last month and we let him pick his theme. Of course being the typical 11yo he went with a Minecraft Theme. Being that this Mom knows just the bare basics about Minecraft I decided it was time to click that Pinterest ap.
After looking around we found these inspiration photos:

Of course you know that I waited until the very last minute to do anything!! But I put the teenagers on decorating duty, and they did such an awesome job. 

They made the cups and balloons as well as several minecraft blocks, and a huge creeper on the wall! Now that decorations were done it was time to tackle the cake. Now I love to bake but I have never done cake like this before! I found a recipe for marshmallow fondant. Like this one here-->
And jumped right in! Thankfully I had lots of help (and let me say my hubbies amazing at this!). The cake turned out perfect even though we had a few bumps. We ending up painting the red on because we just couldn't get it to mix in at all! Also when I say last minute I do mean it ( we finished the cake maybe 10 minutes before my parents walked in!!). But my little guy was tickled and that is all that really matters. Here are a few pictures of the finished product. 

Friday, August 9, 2013

Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays.... Oh My!!

This summer has been full of birthdays around here. Thought I would share a few pictures.

Our big super hero turned 4!!

My rockstar turned 11!!

And our little princess turned 2!!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Pinterest Craft - Chalkboard Table

I love looking at all the great craft ideas on Pinterest. 
I mean they all look so easy and the finished product is always picture perfect... Right???
I can dream ... Can't I? 
Anyway... I was looking at all the super cute chalk paint colors and all the really neat chalkboard painted tables, and I got to thinking (I know scary- right?). You see my kids really LOVE board game. You heard me right!! They love old-fashion board games

See what I mean!! So when I started seeing all the chalkboard tables I thought "I really need to do that!"
So with this as my inspiration: 

I set out to make our kitchen table a game/art table. I decided to just go with the black chalkboard paint (mainly because it will make a great backdrop for picture taking). After a quick run to the store, my girl and I started painting. I think it turn out pretty good, and the kids love drawing on it. In fact my bigs use it as scratch paper when doing their algebra homework.

So I started with this:

And we ended up with...

Of course one of my sweet loves just had to see if you could write on it with a pencil (BTW pencil does NOT come off) which lead to this note. 

Which they thought was just sooooooo funny!!! Anyway I'm happy with it. Now back to Pinterest to see what I can do next :)