Monday, June 15, 2009

Feeling Blue Today!

This weekends show was off by about half! I am having a blue moment today as I try to figure out how to pay the bills. The big bill is due today and I am short by about 6oo so pray that I sell alot today, or maybe have some boutique orders come in.

I will be listing some new Infant size bibs in my store this morning (after I drop my babies off). As well as some Ready to ship tutus and Tutu dresses.

I am proud of my girl today as she starts with Mission Corinth. Each day this week she will join a team of people who will go out into the community and help someone in need. I think this is such a valuble life lesson for her and am so proud that she is participating. My prayer for her is that she is able to make it through the day. Of course if she starts feeling sick then I will go pick her up.

I guess that is it. Got 2 monkeys up and off to get the 3rd on moving..